White modified PP granule for disposable basket turnover box

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The most important characteristics of PP are as follows:

1.Chemical resistance: Diluted bases and acids do not react with PP, which makes them ideal containers for such liquids (e.g. detergents, first aid products, etc.).
2. Elasticity and toughness: PP is elastic within a certain deflection range and will undergo plastic deformation without cracking in the early stage of deformation, so it is generally considered a "tough" material. Toughness is an engineering term defined as the ability of a material to deform (plastic deformation rather than elastic deformation) without breaking.
3.Fatigue resistance: PP retains its shape after a lot of twisting and bending. This feature is especially valuable for making movable hinges.
4.Insulation: PP material has high resistance and is an insulating material.
Transmittance: can be made into transparent color, but usually made into natural opaque color, with a certain color transmittance. If high transmittance is required, acrylic or PC should be chosen.