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What preparations should be made before raw material blending?

The work that should be done before the mixing of raw materials is to check whether the quality of raw materials meets the quality requirements of molded products

It reads as follows:

① Check whether the raw material resin grade used in production is consistent with the process requirements.

② Check whether the melt flow rate value of the raw material is within the range of process requirements.

③ Check whether the raw materials are we. And if the water content in the raw materials exceeds the process requirements, they should be dried. The allowable water content and drying conditions of several commonly used plastic molded products are shown in the table.

④Check whether the particle size of the raw materials is even, whether the raw materials are clean, and no impurities are allowed to be mixed.

What are the quality requirements for compounding granules?

There are no specific requirements for the quality of the compounded pellets. In order to ensure the quality of granular molding plastic products, the following requirements worth attention:

① The shape of the compound after pelletizing can be cylindrical or square with a diameter of 3~4mm and a length of 2~4mm shape particles.

② The shape of the granules must be consistent, uniform, smooth surface, color-luster, and no obvious impurities, and no conjoined granules are allowed.

③ The moisture content of the pellet should not be more than 0.5%, and it should be dried in the oven at a temperature of 70~80C for 4h if necessary.