Milky white PP recycled granules, injection molding grade recycled material high-impact polypropylene

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The product is milky white impact-resistant PP: high melt index, good gloss, few black spots, very high impact strength, suitable for wire drawing, injection molding, extrusion, modification, etc., widely used in: electrical shells, toy accessories, daily products, sheets, fruit baskets and plastic modification and other products.


2.18 What is the combination of PE and PP products with special requirements?

Generally, the raw materials for the molding of polyethylene and polypropylene products are mostly selected as special materials for certain products, and the molded products can be put into production without adding any auxiliary materials. Since the plasticized melt of these two resins has good fluidity, it is relatively easy to either extrude or injection molding. As long as the process conditions (temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) are reasonably controlled during production, the production can be smooth. In order to prevent the resin from being easily oxidized and degraded during the production and molding process, the resin has been added with antioxidants before leaving the factory. Therefore, there is no need to add any additives to the resin during the production of products without special use requirements. When there are special requirements for the working environment of the product, attention should be paid to the addition of the following additives.

(1) PE and PP products that are often exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) in a working environment. In order to prolong the use time and prevent too rapid degradation and aging, a small amount of ultraviolet absorber should be added to the resin before production. A commonly used UV absorber is 2-hydroxy-4

-n-Octoxybenzophenone (UV531), the amount added is 0.1%~1.0% (mass).

(2) PP or PE pipes used for conveying flammable and explosive chemical materials. Before production, antistatic agents, conductive carbon black or SN HZ14 should be added to the resin.

(3) Flammable PE and PP products. If the product is used in a special environment, flame retardant needs to be added before the resin is produced to ensure the safety of use. Commonly used flame retardants are antimony trioxide (antimony white) and chlorinated paraffins with an equal amount of chlorine with a mass fraction greater than 70%.