The characteristics and uses of pp plastic particles

PP plastic granules are non-toxic, odorless, tasteless milky white crystalline polymers with high crystallinity, regular structure, excellent characteristics and wide range of uses. Its application promotes the development of the plastic granule market.

PP plastic particles have excellent mechanical properties, and their yield, tensile, compressive strength, hardness, and elasticity are higher than those of HDPE. Its melting point is 164-170 degrees, and the product can be sterilized at a temperature above 100 degrees. The chemical stability of polypropylene is very good, and it is relatively stable to various other chemical reagents except that it can be corroded by concentrated nitric acid.


The main uses of pp plastic particles are as follows:

  1. To re-manufacture PET bottles, recycled pellets cannot be used in direct contact with food, but can be used in the middle layer of three-layer PET bottles, and then made into carbonated beverage bottles.
  2. Spinning to make fibers. Recycled pet materials can be used to spin to make fibers, which can be used as pillow cores, quilts, sleeping bags, felts, etc.

  Plastic particles

  1. Glass fiber reinforced material. Regenerated PET reinforced with glass fiber has good heat resistance and mechanical strength. It can be used to make auto parts, such as heat-resistant car wheel covers, and its heat distortion temperature can reach 240 degrees. The modulus of flexural elasticity is 9500mpa, the bending strength is 214mpa, and the impact strength is 15kf/m2.
  2. Blending modification, recycled pet materials can be blended with other polymers to obtain various modified materials, such as blending with pe, pet blends with improved impact properties can be obtained, pe: pet is (10 -50): (90-50): If a small amount of polypropylene is added, the dimensional stability of the blend can be significantly improved. Due to the large difference in polarity between PE and PET, compatibilization treatment is required during blending, and compatibility is generally improved by graft modification of polyolefin.

The above are the main uses of pp plastic granules. It can be seen that pp plastic granules are widely used.

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