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1)What are the performance characteristics and uses of filled polypropylene?

 Filling polypropylene is mixing polypropylene resin with a certain proportion of fillers (such as calcium carbonate talc, asbestos, mica, wood powder, etc.) and some necessary additives evenly. Stirring and mixing, mix and plasticize with an extruder, and then extrude granulating. This pellet is called filling polypropylene.

The performance of filling polypropylene is related to the content and performance of the filler and its type, particle size, shape, dispersion state, and uniformity in polypropylene resin.

 filling polypropylene usually has the characteristics of good heat resistance, low shrinkage rate of molded products, good dimensional stability, and high hardness.

 If the proportion of filling material is relatively high, the performance of this filling polypropylene (such as heat resistance, cold resistance, mechanics and processability, etc.) is better than that of pure polypropylene resin after molding, but the gloss, toughness, and elongation at break of the product are significantly reduced.

2)What are the performance characteristics and uses of flame retardant polypropylene?

 The preparation of producing flame retardant polypropylene is relatively simple. Mix the polypropylene powder with a certain proportion of antioxidants, treatment agents, flame retardants auxiliary flame retardants, etc., stir, and mix evenly. Plasticized by an extruder and granulated. That is how flame-retardant polypropylene is made.

 The performance of flame retardant polypropylene is related to the type of flame retardant in the product material formula, the amount of material used, and the composition of the material in the formula.

Flame retardant polypropylene has excellent flame resistance and can reach a UL94 V-0 rating.

It has good heat aging performance and can be used in a 150°C environment, with a service life of more than 700h.

Its processability is similar to that of polypropylene resin, and the melt fluidity is good, which can form large, thin-walled products. Its mechanical strength is close to that of polypropylene products.